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continuum - a constant nonspatial full or extent or succession during which no portion or part is unique or distinguishable from adjacent pieces

Tintypes were strong and did not call for mounting in a protecting difficult scenario like ambrotypes and daguerreotypes.

Perhaps dusk is a holiday for your blind male because it presents him a quick respite from his aloneness. He has firm mainly because everyone is in a similar condition of semi-darkness until finally the candles are lit. Actually, becoming accustomed into the darkness, a blind man can love an advantage. The phrase is rarely heard nowadays.

Associations are tough, and these apps test to create the process a little bit easier- the dilemma now is, who do you choose?

to stay away from shelling out time; to invest time unnecessarily. Acquire my vehicle instead of strolling, if you'd like to save time; We mustn't squander time talking about unimportant matters. spaar/vermors tyd يُوَفِّر وَقْتا، يُضَيِّعُ وَقْتا пестя/хабя време poupar/ perder tempo šetřit/ztrácet čas Zeit sparen, verschwenden spare; spilde γλιτώνω, χάνω χρόνο ganar/perder tiempo aega säästma, aega raiskama در وقت صرفه جویی کردن؛ وقت تلف کردن säästää, hukata aikaa gagner/perdre du temps לַחֲסוֹך בַּזמַן/לְבַזבֵּז זְמַן समय बचत uštedjeti/tratiti vrijeme időt megtakarít; időt pocsékol menghemat, membuang waktu nÿta tíma; sóa tíma risparmiare/perdere tempo 時を稼ぐ[] 시간을 절약(소비)하다 (su)taupyti, eikvoti laiką taupīt/šķiest laiku menjimatkan/ membazirkan masa tijd sparen, verspillen spare/kaste bort tid oszczędzać/tracić czas وخت تیرول poupar/ perder tempo a câş­tiga/ a pierde timp экономить, растрачивать время šetriť / strácať čas prihraniti/zapravljati čas gubiti vreme spara (slösa) tid ประหยัดเวลา; เสียเวลา vakit kazanmak/harcamak 節省(浪費)時間 (не) витрачати час وقت بچانا، وقت ضائع کرنا lãng phí thời gian 节省(浪费)时间

If you initially download the application, in lieu of requiring your Fb or email deal with to make an account, you simply sign on; Pure doesn’t provide a rip who you will dating in the dark be, much like the one who you’ll be hooking up with later on.

The passing a long time are just like a mist sweeping up with the sea of your time in order that my memories acquire new factors —W. Somerset Maugham

10. The period of time through which a radio or tv method or industrial is broadcast: "You will find television the perfect time to buy" (Brad Goldstein).

Being on the proper sites — the sites that prioritize sexual intercourse and informal encounters — is the primary essential stage to additional conveniently hooking up on line. Thankfully, the desire to hookup online is broad and developing.

forty four. (Music, other) preserve time to observe correctly the accent or rhythmic pulse of a bit of tunes in relation to tempo

graveyard shift A piece shift typically from twelve midnight till eight each morning; any late-night time change; also the graveyard check out. Factories running 24 hours every day utilize three shifts—day, swing, and midnight or.

Bumble’s major feminist twist—only women can send out the initial message—is rendered irrelevant by lesbianism. Lesbianism: in which girls constantly should mail the main message. Feminists be copying. After you’ve created a match on Bumble, the strain is on to maneuver fast or pass up out.

2. the passage of times, several years, gatherings etc. time and Area; Time will inform. tyd, verloop van tyd الزَّمَن време tempo čas die Zeit tid χρόνοςtiempo aeg زمان aika temps הַזמַן वक्त घडी़ में vrijeme idő waktu tíminn tempo 時 세월 laikas laiks masa tijdtidczas وخت tempo timp время čas čas vreme tid ช่วงเวลา vakit, zaman 時間 час زمانہ thời gian được tính bằng đơn vị năm, tháng, ngày 时间

As being the a long time go by me, my life keeps filling up with names like deserted cemeteries —Yehuda Amichai

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